I am is not a licensed therapist, counselor, or teacher.  I have a degree from Oklahoma State in Recreation (yes, it’s a real degree) and have learned how making manners fun and relatable to kids (and adults) goes a long way in retaining the lessons taught and being able to implement them in practical, real-world situations (like when I got to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and sit at the table for dinner -eek, YES I’m still on Cloud 9 from that one).

The lessons and theories shared in Table Manners for Kids have been used over 15 years in classroom settings with thousands of children and in our home dining room with our 10 year old son and his friends.

While I think Table Manners For Kids is the best go-to resource for you to make manners fun for your family (um I might be a little biased).  I do want to be clear I am not guaranteeing that by completion of this course your little curmudgeons will magically overnight turn into perfectly behaved angels or any other ridiculous guarantee.  You know this, but my attorneys wanted me to make sure (and I really don’t like meetings with attorneys).

BV making faces

(yes, that’s my little angel, making faces for the camera… work in progress!)